Oakville Indoor Golf Center has recently installed this product.

Here is a partial list of Product features;

  • The standard 3trak Camera system used in the industry leading AboutGolf Simulators proving outstanding accuracy.
  • Force Plates to measure
    • Weight distribution between the feet
    • Weight distribution within each foot
    • Center of gravity displays
    • Distance from the ball measurements to fine tune ball placement.
  • Synchronization of the weight distribution with video.
  • Measuredversus calculated club data
    • Smash factors
    • Angle of attack.
    • Direction of club travel
    • Clubface angle
    • Backspin, Sidespin, and Rifle spin
    • Location of strike on the clubface
  • Optimization calculations to show the best combinations of spin, angle of attack, and club head speed.
  • Shot visualization from both down the line and aerial views.
  • Graphs showing shot trajectory and dispersal patterns.

You can use this product in several ways.

  1. Practice by yourself.
  2. Bring your own pro.
  3. Work with an OIGC in house instructor

Here is a link to the AboutGolf website for further product information


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