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My goal is provide coaching in the game of golf. The purpose of this coaching is to make the game more enjoyable to play for new and experienced players. Another important goal is to teach a swing that is easy. Easy to learn, easy on the body, and easy to hit it straighter and longer.
For individuals their specific goals could be one or more of:

  • To lower their score
  • To not embarass themselves when entertaining clients
  • To feel more comfortable with the rules
  • To have a comprehensive knowledge of what to do right rather than how to put bandaids on problems.


  1. Private Lessons in the Swing Surgeon Method
  2. Swing Analysis using AboutGolf's PerformPro Software
  3. Slow Motion Video up to 400 FPS
  4. Introduction to the game
  5. Game Management concepts, or 'playing lessons'

Phone Number: 905 334 7491

Check out this link for one of the best swings on the PGA Tour.Video